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The focus of the language teaching approach at CEL is the communication, the constant use of the target language (Spanish, French, English, Italian or Libras), emphasizing processes inlearning resources, across communicative situations of daily life and interaction teacher-student and student-student/group, providing the student-centered teaching to favor the development of orality and the autonomy from the students.

Teaching and learning situations for CEL language course content will be planned and carried out using active methodologies, in accordance with the approach, methods, techniques and teaching procedures adopted by the school: a communicative approach for the teaching of foreign languages and LIBRAS, the gamification for the creation and realization of dynamic, playful and contextualized activitiesin the classroom, the inductive method, for teaching grammar and vocabulary and adapted PPP and added to an initial review activity and/or mobilization of prior knowledge (Initial activity - Presentation - Practice and Production) for planning and carrying out the steps of the classes.

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